I can't work out what is blocking sites

Sometimes I get the blocked message (on this and other websites - including my own Home Page on my own website!) but I cannot work out what is causing it from my extensions. Can anyone help please?


That’s a lot of extensions. Have you already tried either disabling them one at a time, or disabling all and then enabling them one at a time, to figure out which extension(s) may be to blame?

Seems Ublock Origin was causing it.

However - this only started happening 2 days ago, so I’m lost as to why it suddenly started doing it…

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Probably some filterlist got updated. If you link some pages that have this error, I can take a look and try to see if I can identify which filters get triggered. But our resident ad-block wiz @fanboynz may be of more help to you.

  1. Re-enable uBO,
  2. Open the uBO logger https://github.com/uBlockOrigin/uBlock-issues/wiki/The-logger

See what filters in the logger causing the blocking of google. will either be a list or custom rule.

It listed this as blocked:

​https ://

can you screenshot the block/logger?

These came up when on my personal home page, and when I went to Google home page:

Since turning off UBlock, I have now started getting 2 adverts in GMail every time I log in to check emails.

Enable Aggressive mode in shields for gmail (and google).

Ok, will do that.


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