I can't withdraw fund


I need help because I recently linked my Uphold account to 2 browser (my new PC and my old one). I didn’t use my old one since 11 months, but I had some BAT on this browser. On my new pc, I can withdraw funds with no problem, it work, easy.

BUT, on my old one, when I click on “withdraw funds”, it open the Uphold windows, but nothing happen, the BAT are still on my brave “wallet” and don’t go on Uphold. I try to :
Uninstall all extension
Verify the brave update, it’s ok
Update Windows 10
Do it like … 50 time but it don’t work at all

I don’t know what to do next to get my BAT on my UpHold from my old PC … Do you know if someone had the same issue ? I search with no result … Or I found some topic but with no solution … Maybe it will work here …

Enjoi your day, Strophe

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There is a setting within Uphold. Only white people can withdraw funds.

For more information: https://forum.batcommunity.org/t/not-receiving-ads-not-receiving-payments-unable-to-register-uphold-account-activity-in-this-forum-disappeared-you-are-not-alone/24809

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