I can't withdraw eth based tokens from brave wallet

have been unable to send eth-based tokens from brave wallet for several months.

  • GRT
  • IMX

I always get a message that not enough gas fees.

I have extra eth to have for gas fees. I have $150 extra eth for these fees.

Please help, maybe I have something messed up in the settings.

@Blazej make sure to ignore smartydev as that’s a scam account.

Let me ask, have you paid close attention to the actual network these are on?

I’m personally not too familiar with the specific tokens you mentioned, but I know some of the issues I’ve seen people struggle with was like trying to send something on Optimism and they were attempting to use ETH from Ethereum to pay for the gas. They had no idea they needed to use ETH from Optimism for it.

While I’m assuming you’re doing right, I just want to confirm that these are on normal Ethereum networks and that the ETH you’re trying to use also is on Ethereum. Especially since I see that GRT seems to also be available on NEAR, Arbitrum, Solana, Avalanche C-Chain, and Sora when I was looking at it over at https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/the-graph/

Also want to confirm, which version of Brave are you using?


I am using correct eth chain for Grt ( it is on ETH Mainnet in my wallet).

How do I check what version of wallet I use?

It is brave wallet on my Macbook Pro 2017.

@Blazej first thing, hopefully you recognized Lucas6 is a scam and not actually from Brave. It doesn’t appear anyone clicked on the link but not sure if perhaps it showed up to your email. These scam bots get annoying. Every time you ban, they just come back with another IP and all.

This isn’t about “version of Wallet.” It’s asking about the version of your Brave browser. You do this by going to hamburger menu → help → About Brave. Or you can just type in brave://settings/help Which then shows something like below, though saying which version you’re on.

Only thing I can think of on issue with gas is you’re not choosing right amount or it’s not right chain. Nothing else would make sense. Not sure if you can show screenshots of anything (just make sure not to share any sensitive information like seed phrases or whatever)

What I especially want to see is something like below:

Essentially to see the token and the network it’s on. Wanting to really make sure it’s on the same thing and not a different layer.

I’m also going to tag in @Evan123 just in case he has some other ideas.

As you mentioned you can choose amount of gas fees. How can I change that amount in wallet?