I can't withdraw any funds from my brave wallet cronos network

Description of the issue:

I’m not sure if this is the new Brave wallet, but since I installed it just a few days ago, then I guess it is the new Brave wallet.

I can’t send funds from this Brave wallet (cronos network) to any other place. Always getting an error message:

Brave Version (check About Brave):
Version 1.32.113 Chromium: 96.0.4664.45 (Official Build) (arm64)

Which chain ID do you have configured?
Perhaps it is the wrong one for the network?

From your screenshot I noticed that if no block tracker URL is configured we should still allow the user to copy the transaction ID.

You can set the block tracker URL to use to get rid of that error first here:

Double click on the network and then enter the block tracker URL to use.

Then after you can get your transaction ID from that please try it.

There is also the problem that the price in dollars appears at 0. It has happened to me many times

We’re aware and working on some fixes for price display for certain assets. Fixes coming for that.

I have set up the chain whose ID is 25 (0x19).

I believe it is not the wrong network:

  • https://evm-cronos.crypto.org for New RPC URL ; and
  • 25 for Chain ID ,
  • CRO for the symbol, and
  • https://cronos.crypto.org/explorer/ for the Block explorer URL;

source: https://cronos.crypto.org/docs/getting-started/metamask.html#connecting-to-the-cronos-mainnet-beta

Can you get at the block tracker for the transaction hash that failed? I’m not sure if the screenshot in the last message had the block explorer URL recently added or if you always had it that way

If you can get at a transaction hash or a block tracker URL for the failed transaction, that would help.

So since my tokens are stuck in this wallet / network, I am stacking them. After performing these actions, I can see the “confirmed" transactions and the “submitted” ones when I click on “View on block explorer”. I am also taken to the block explorer site (https://cronos.crypto.org/explorer/…) and there I can see all the information related to the transaction.

On the other hand, when I do the same with the transactions with errors, I get this message:
“Block explorer URL is not available.”

The URL of the block explorer was added before all attempts.

Could you try again with 1.33.106 which was just released?

Have you put the id and decimal of the coin right?

I have chain ID 25
Currency decimal 8

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