I can't verify my uphold wallet and my bats are "frrezing" (?)

i can’t take rewards and verify my uphold wallet on my android When I press claim, a message appears saying “ops”, it is as if my bats are frozen for some reason, none of the 3 rewards I have to receive are added On my balance, let alone on the uphold account , in my windows 10 works fine

Android 10 (miui v12) poco f1 brave 1.22.71

yes, but only my windows 10 rewards

I don’t remember, it’s been a long time

Yes, I think there was a bug because I use rewards on both pc and android

In the moment no, But I sometimes use (rarely) hola vpn

Yes, I’m from brazil and use brave for years

it wasn’t going through, but after I uninstalled the exposed app the safety net went through


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