I can't verify my account on Uphold or gemini so can't payout

hello… can please someone help me?

I used brave now for a couple mounths and now just wanne payout some… to do this i need to verify my account by genini or uphold- clear so far… BUT both say I cant cuz I am from Germany… WHAT CAN I DO?

How do I get my BAT in a wallet?


Use TOR (vpn) feature from brave browser.

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i did - both (gimini and uphold) do not work in germany OR for german citizens… so the many question is - me as a german user can’t use BAT? it is status quo, right?

never saw any information about that

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hai @Metaverse i tried login using tor but it’s gave me blank page, what can i do?

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Hello again… so no one can solve this problem? From my country Uphold and Giminie do not give a service- so I cant verify my brave account… if I use the tor-mode ob both Giminie and Uphold will be a white screen by trying to sign up. So that also dosnt work…

Like I see this now - why cant I use my brave wallet to get my rewards?
From my Point of view right now - brave is a scam?!

no way to verify
no way to get rewards to any wallet
no way to contact a support member
no way anyone can really help

I Have the same problem but I’m from Iran. If nobody wants to solve this problem I have to leave brave!!!

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…still no solution?


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