I can't upload photos to facebook from the Brave browser

When I try to upload a photo in facebook I get a timeout from the browser. The error code says, “Error code: RESULT_CODE_HUNG”. This started happening back in April when I downloaded Brave. It seems to effect the Edge browser as well. I ended up deleting Brave and started using Edge and it was able to post a photo on facebook. I had also downloaded the Opera browser and it worked… I have reloaded the Brave browser and get the same thing and however the Edge browser now works like Brave, wierd that it somehow effects the Edge browser. I can only upload photos through Opera.

So what gives here, why am I unable to upload photos to facebook through the Brave browser? Why it took so long is that I blamed this whole mess on facebook and been dealing with trouble reports through them which they never responded too. I am not sure it is a facebook problem, especially since I can upload photos through the Opera browser.

Any clues?

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For starters, can you please add Brave and Windows version info?

Have you tried turning off the Brave shield?

Windows 11 and latest Brave update.

Yes and used the Private window, all the recommendations suggested from Brave and fb, clearing cache, updating browser version, etc… as well as Microsoft support.

I would try testing this behavior in a fresh browser profile and see if you get the same results.

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