I cant try brave vpn a month ago and now im recive a payment from brave, i need money back and cancel the service

hello i try brave vpn one month ago, and i cant use it, because of it i cancelled the suscrition, but i receive a payment on 16 of november from brave, i cant find the acoun because i tryed many of my acounts but no one has an active suscription, i need a moneyback and i cant cancel, your vpn is very bad because i cant even try and i recive a payment, can you solve this?
how can i contact suport for remove my credit card and recieve my moneyback?
thank you

Can you please fill out our form here and reply back here with the ticket number you were assigned so that I can have someone take a look at your case asap?

Thank you

ok i already do it, but i dont have the invoice number because i logged in my many acounts and no one has active suscriptions, but i received the payment

hello i need help i cant find what was my acount used for activate vpn

Can you please tell me what your ticket/request number is? You’ll see it in the email that was sent to you after submitting to the form — should look something like this:

what are you talking about i do a ticket again and i dont recive any numer, i only see this |de:|Brave Software [email protected]|
| — | — |
|responder a:|Brave Software [email protected]|
|para:|Aritzartajo [email protected]|
|fecha:|22 nov 2023, 23:18|
|asunto:|Request Received: cancel my vpn service and please money back|
|enviado por:|bravesoftware.zendesk.com|
|firmado por:|zendesk.com|

Brave Software <[email protected]> too, is from the first email

I have deleted your email as it is sensitive information and should not be public. However, I can use your email to find your ticket.

Thank you and someone will reach out to you shortly.

You already had a ticket open and an agent responded to you. Please respond to the question our agent asked you.

Thank you

hello i respond the email but i dont recive any reply, i tried to explain but i dont recive moneyback yet

I am looking at your email right now and you did receive a response. Please note that it may take 5-7 days (depending on your bank) for you to receive the funds in your account. Your money was refunded back to the card used to make the purchase.

Thank you

hello i waited, but i only recive 1 refund of 9,99usd but i have 2 charges of 9,99usd, what about the 2nd refund?
thank you

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