I can't see which channels received BATs

I have a few channels and I used to see the number of BATs donated to each of them in the panel, but I only see the total in the top (balance) part, it no longer specifies how many bats correspond to each channel.

(sorry for my not-so-perfect arrows)

Anyone with the same problem?

Umm that’s weird. Could you check if it still happens with Brave shields turned off or in a private window?

To turn off shields -
Click on the brave icon in the URL bar.

I am suggesting to try these steps to determine whether it’s a problem with the page or with the ad blocker/extensions.

Okay. So I checked my account and find that the same happens there.

I checked in chrome where I don’t have any extensions and of course doesn’t have Brave adblock.

Most likely could be a change in the format. Maybe if you haven’t received any tips, it won’t show you.

I don’t / can’t receive tips for sure. Lol.

I will tag @steeven @SaltyBanana to assist.

Yes, it happens with Chrome, Brave, Edge, and from any device. I received tips in some of my channels and I was able to see them before, they just disappeared from the right side of each channel in the list (they still appear on the balance side at the top of the page).

Thank you very much for your answer and for checking it out!

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