I can't see my rewards

@edagurses let me break this down:

Anything you earned while connected to Gemini would still be in Gemini. So any earnings from 2021 and onward that were sent to Gemini is something you have to speak to Gemini about.

If no longer supported and disconnected, you wouldn’t have been able to receive payments. There might have been a short period of time in which you earned vBAT, but many warnings were given to people that they needed to connect to a custodial partner or any vBAT would be lost. You can see two such articles linked below:

If you are in a country where Rewards is not able to connect to a custodial partner, which overall is Uphold for most countries (Gemini is no longer supported for Rewards), ZebPay if you are in India, or BitFlyer if you are from Japan. If you can’t have those, then you can’t earn BAT for yourself.

The only option for you is just to wait until on chain payments progress more and become available to everyone. You can read more of what I share on that and see links to some official posts in my link below: