I cant see my bats in uphold account

Screenshot - 2_23_2020 , 2_49_36 PM Screenshot - 2_23_2020 , 2_51_10 PM

hallo why my bats in browser i cant withdrawls to uphold ?

What version(s) did you earn the BAT from? I had a similar issue. I updated to the current browser and was able to get current earnings but still have <10 BAT stuck like you described.

First thing you need to do is back up your wallets from your browser(s). I had a beta and live account and it was my beta account that has stuck funds. Beyond that, wait for official support to answer and try to provide more details/info

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Screenshot - 2_23_2020 , 7_22_28 PM

Hi there you just have sign out And signin in upholds

i did but same situation

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