I can't recieve the gift

Hello. First time I see a gift box in menu that shows my wallet. When I claim the gift loading icon become turn forever and nothing happend. I closed the menu and menu back its regular appearing. After a few days it happend again. I think it is a bug.

Brave 1.2.0

Android 7.0

which Version 1.2.0 RC3? and also Welcome to the community

It just 1.2.0 writes in about Brave. There is only one version on Play Store that I use.

Version 1.2.0 isn’t on the play store it is only available through GitHub

Yes, there is.

It is only saying that because someone gave you a pre release versionScreenshot_20190821-235747

I guess that is rc3 @mattches help out please

I have the same issue. Getting a gift notification every day for a week or so at about 10 pm CET. Tapping on “claim” and it just loads and loads.

What is your Brave version

1.2.0 and I’m on Android 9.

1.2.0 is beta so expect some issues

@Deadlock and @kadir I am sorry for providing the wrong information. I have been using 1.2.0 for weeks now and didn’t realize it had been officially released.

Hi same issue here on my end… I’m using Version 1.2.0 with Samsung Galaxy A7. What is the fix for this? I tried it like 5 times already but same thing it just kept on loading and loading

@gsarvadnya @eljuno should help

Thanks @Dgenies.

I’m not received similar notification on my end. So I think it’s intermittent issue that only affects some users. @gsarvadnya may can take a look on this.

IMO, it should be OK if you close the notification, since there’s nothing that you can “claim”, ATM AFAIK.

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Hi, I have the same problem, what do you mean that there is nothing to “claim”?
You mean that “claim” notification is fake?
Mine os like that as well and just loads forever.

Currently there’s no grants available, so there’s nothing that you can “claim”.

Like I said above, it’s looks like a intermittent issue that only affects some users.

If there’s a grants, you should also get the “notification” on chrome://rewards

I have the same too…I don’t understand why

Ok i see, but that’s it? If there is no bat to be claimed, basically it should not notify, because it wastes people time since as you said it is “intermittent” so many people already experienced it again and again and kept wondering and taking time to claim that “fake grant”. I also received this same notif last month and tried to claim it until I forgot about it. But this time I spent time to ask brave community. Saves so much time to know it is not real, and stop receiving a fake notification.

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Apologies @eljuno @Dgenies for the delay in response.

I haven’t experienced this issue in my device, @sriram have you seen the claim issue anytime in your device?