I cant recieve my funds

Hello. I have a balance on my brave creators account. i’ve been useing it for a long time now
And Now i wanted to recieve my funds from Brave Creators.
BUT i only recieved funds that i earnd for the LAST month before payment. Not all my funds that i have (they was mostly earned before)

How can i get acces to the all my funds?
Cuz i want to recieve everything that i have on Brawe wallet (0,02 BTC). NOT SOME PARTS OF IT

It’s starting to look like a scam project for me.

I have about 0,02 btc on my wallet. AND I WANT TO withdraw it (!)
Not some small money drafts that i reciave for each month from you.

If you not going to help me. I’m going to TRY to sue Brawe and all of you in my country atleast, and hope in EU court too .
It will cost a bit more than 0,02 Btc. But i give it a try.

Waiting for your answer

i want to recieve funds that marked (1) and not this regular payments (2)

You mean after raising a ticket ?
If by support you mean, this forum then, buddy, this isn’t a official support center of Brave. This is a forum where the original motto is to get help from other users and if not then the people from Brave.

Okay, maybe you received it on / after 1st october 2022.
You can raise a ticket if you want. Raise one here

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