I cant quite understand the search engine settings

I’m attempting to to change the search engine because for whatever reason brave decided I need to use Yahoo now and I just cant get it it to go back to anything ive tried to change it but it just doesn’t want to change at all could someone maybe try and explain how to do it better than the page on brave because I’m not quite sure how to get it to work. (also sorry if this is the wrong place for this first time using brave community help)


Brave Browser has 2 Search Engine settings, for you to study, at (in a Brave Browser > New Window): brave://settings/search

  • ‘Manage search engines and site search’
  • ‘Search engine used in the address bar’

The purpose, there, is that YOU will adjust those settings, in order to establish online [Internet] search engines as your choice for Brave Browser to employ / engage.

On the other hand, for any Internet browser . . .

Brave Software has an [Internet] Search Engine known as Brave Search (Beta) aka Brave Search aka brave (BETA), at: ‘https://search.brave.com/

And to more easily get straight to the settings for Brave Search, go to: ‘https://search.brave.com/settings

Brave Help Center - Brave Search:


!bangs you may use in Brave Search:


Search Engine Operators Guide:


let me see …you want to switch to yahoo search engine on your address bar. Right?? which search engine you are currently using?

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