I can't make an uphold account [phillipines]

So, I was trying to make an uphold account, but the Philippines option was greyed out I can’t click it. Is there any way to make it at least verified? Is there any option to withdraw my BAT?

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Philippines country not support uphold account

Check which country support

is it possible to get my bat If using someone’s account? or is it
going back to 0?

How many bat you have

Send tips to your friend have verified creator account

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I almost have 11 dollars, can I use yours?

I created my creator account on 21/03/2021 I have also 7.50 bat my first payment time 10 may if I received payment so I give you your bat on your address but not confirm because many issues seen on creator account payment

My youtube channel digisid

Or you can wait until it supports the Philippines. I from the PH too but I have crated my account before uphold’s issue

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