I can't login to my uphold account

Yesterday I activated my uphold account with my ID. 2.5 of my BAT tokens were transferred. but today I received such an e-mail and I cannot login to the application. region of Turkey. What to do in such cases. Thanks for your help.


You have to try solving the issue with Uphold support.

Unfortunately, I am afraid they may not grant you access back. Their policy is very rigid. I hope they return your funds back at least.

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thank you. I wrote to uphold support but they are not responding. I didn’t do anything wrong, but why was I blocked? The problem is that I live in Turkey? Do you have a support section that you would recommend?

New mail arrived but I still can’t login image

Could you reply to him and tell him that the issue still persists.

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Opened my uphold account yesterday. :slight_smile:

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