I cant login into reforma.com

So im a paid member of reforma(mexican newspaper) and its been ages since i could login, was wondering if theres any way to login cuz im sick of using chrome to read the paper.

https://www.reforma.com/ is the site

Hey, It redirects me too https://www.reforma.com/aplicacioneslibre/preacceso/articulo/default.aspx?__rval=1&urlredirect=https://www.reforma.com/?&conectar=true&referer=--7d616165662f3a3a6262623b6770737a6778743b767a783a--

I don’t speak spanish, but this is what I get:

yea and after u put in ur login information it will redirect u to almost the exact same page:

and it wont recognize the login

If it’s okay, could you PM the login for me test ? (just reset the password afterwards) @youlikethat

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