I cant log in to tutanota


im trying to log in to tutanota’s beta client and its just getting stuck on “log in”

when im trying trough chrome its works fine… how do i solve it?


You can try adjusting your shield settings.

Or, if you have strict site isolation enabled try disabling that.


@HUNTER1111 @LaurenWags If I’m not wrong, it’s a known issue


Good find! Thanks @eljuno :smiley:



I use Tutanota. Didn’t had any problem on the current enforced version. I shall try to login on Beta client.


I can get to the ‘enter your authenticator TOTP’ prompt and when I enter it and click icon to continue it does nothing. The pop up for the TOTP remains. No feedback from browser. All shields down.

Firefox, Chrome IE, Edge,all have no problems.

Issue persists using Windows and Linux Ubnutu.

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Hi @HUNTER1111,

I’m sorry it’s took so long. Just a quick update. Please update your Brave version to 0.23.31. It has a fix for your issue.
Thank you,