I can't log in my uphold wallet on my new laptop

Hi !
Recently, I got a new laptop, so the first thing I did was dowloading brave. I wanted to log in my uphold account.
Sadly, it says that I can’t because I’ve already did it 4 times.
The problem is that on my main gaming pc, I had to re-install windows few times for mistakes. So now, I have my old main laptop, my gaming pc and my new laptop for the college. I want it to be logged in my Uphold account but I can’t because re-installing windows on my gaming pc has “taken” the 2 more slots available.
Can you help me ?


Hi @metallicanard

I think this post will answer your question.
Device limit reached post

You could create a Gemini account to get round the problem.


I’ve sent you a DM regarding this issue – lets continue this conversation there.

Thank you.