I can't link my brave to my uphold account

If you are using a mobile device and have uphold app installed in it. Then please try the following steps and you may get your uphold account verified:-

  1. Uninstall uphold app from your mobile device.
  2. Open your Brave Browser app and try verifying your wallet.
  3. Sign in to your uphold wallet from the Brave Browser.

I believe that your problem will be solved this way.

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My brave rewards is not working. It says that my balance is 2 bat and my pending for april is a little over 4 bat. My qallets been verified with uphold since i started using brave so maybe a year? But when i click the rewards icon and it shows my balance and pending up at the top it says verify wallet. So i click that so my funds can be transferred to uphold but it only loads a blank page. And when i click verify wallet from upholds end it says something went wrong. Why is the rewards page blank? Do i need to clear cookies or something?

I have same problem when i verify brave its popup a window and connect to uphold but when i click it “opps there was a problem apears”
When i check in uphold its already connected but to rewards claim… still unverfied… did you fix it?

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Unfortunately not. If you do tell me.

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