I can't link my brave to my uphold account


This form is a total disgrace for the average user, do you realize it? They want a special ID that can only be obtained by “Inspecting” some HTML code of a website, i tried it and couldn’t find it. A regular person has no chance to obtain its funds. Since 5 months I haven’t received any payouts because of the * Device limit. I did NOTHING wrong and for some reason my laptop and smartphone have been unlinked from Uphold out of nowhere, this is 100% on Brave.


You can relink your phone and computer to uphold if you wish

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You dont need to go through all of that. Here are some screen shots to help.


That’s exactly what I mean. I don’t have #3 and the External wallet info says that my wallet is not connected. It’s all a hassle, instead of fixing this problem users get sent into different loopholes and it’s incredibly frustrating.

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Let’s try and clear up some information so we can get to the root of the issue.

  1. How many devices do you have connected currently to an uphold wallet?
  2. On the device you are having an issue with, did you uninstall or reinstall Brave?
  3. Have you reset the device you are having an issue with? (Don’t reset based on this question)

So basically, if you reset a device, uninstall/reinstall Brave, Brave will now see your device as a new wallet. If you have other devices currently connected to Uphold through Brave, those are the wallet ID’s you would put in the previously mentioned #3.
For example, I have a laptop, tablet and phone all currently connected to uphold. If I reset my phone, Brave will now see that as a new wallet. The only choice I have is to submit a request to remove a verified device. I get the wallet info from my laptop and tablet and put that info in #3. That will remove the original wallet that I can not get back from my phone. If you have no other connected devices, #3 would be “Remove any”.

How? Uphold doesn’t work with brave mobile.

I can’t link my brave account with uphold

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It sure does. My android phone and tablet are both running brave with verified uphold wallets linked. What is happening that makes you think that?

Are you getting an error? Can you provide screen shots of what happens when you try to link?

I can’t cause i’m from mobile. Anyway the uphold app says something went wrong.
Just this.

I made a gemini wallet too but now from mobile i can’t see the option to connect with this.

Was your wallet previously linked? And to be clear, Brave DOES work with uphold on mobile.

Ok. I trust you. But explane why work on desktop and have problem with mobile.

I will try to verifying i visit automatically i uphold and say something went wrong, please try again

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Maybe your device limit is reached. Brave only allow 4 devices connected to Uphold for lifetime. (they will disable device limit soon)

Try refer this to unlink your device:

I have only laptop and mobile. Just 2 devices. That’s not possible.

Yes, It’s possible. I’ve encountered with this issue recently. Brave only support 4 linking device to Uphold at the moment.

This issue can happen when you reinstalled your Brave browser on your devices. For instance you install Brave on both of your device and link it to your wallet, it counts (2/4). And then, you uninstall and reinstall it again and verify it again, it counts (4/4) and you have reached the limit.


same here i can’t verify my brave browser (Tab) to my verified uphold wallet

If you are using a mobile device and have uphold app installed in it. Then please try the following steps and you may get your uphold account verified:-

  1. Uninstall uphold app from your mobile device.
  2. Open your Brave Browser app and try verifying your wallet.
  3. Sign in to your uphold wallet from the Brave Browser.

I believe that your problem will be solved this way.

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My brave rewards is not working. It says that my balance is 2 bat and my pending for april is a little over 4 bat. My qallets been verified with uphold since i started using brave so maybe a year? But when i click the rewards icon and it shows my balance and pending up at the top it says verify wallet. So i click that so my funds can be transferred to uphold but it only loads a blank page. And when i click verify wallet from upholds end it says something went wrong. Why is the rewards page blank? Do i need to clear cookies or something?