I can't link my Brave cell phone app to my Uphold account

I can’t link my Brave cell phone app to my Uphold account. I did the process yesterday as I saw it was possible, and it kept updating for 24 hours now without even showing me the BATS I have. How do I fix it?

Update: now it is showing my bats (Only in the cell phone, not in Uphold) but it is still in the process since yesterday and I can’t stop it.

Go to Uphold.com and log in independently of the Brave Rewards verification flow. Once logged in, go into Brave Rewards and verify wallet. Follow steps Wallet verification should be successful (in 'Wallet verified’state)”

Follow this method.

Also, make sure your shields is down, and third party cookies are available for some time. And delete uphold native app from android for the time being

My Uphold account is already verified and has not yet received the bats from my mobile app. What else?

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