I can't get my Uphold wallet connected

I can’t get my Uphold account connected back again. One day it got disconnected for itself and since then I have problems. I go through the verification proccess that takes me to my Uphold dashboard and that’s it… still disconnected no matter how many times I try, it goes through the proccess again and again. Nothing more I can do.
Somebody please help.


You will need your seed phrase to reconnect if I am no mistaken. The seed phrase would be a list of words, likely 12, 16, or 24 in length. Share this with no one but the UI to restore. No one.

@crytop77 your Uphold account will always disconnect himself after 90 days/reached 250 Bat in transactions, what happens first.

to reconnect again try disabling the brave shields in the login page that appears when you try to connect your account.