I cant get my grants, dunno why ;/

When i open my wallet this message appears

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No tokens here also. If they are not available for claiming, Brave should make it public also.

Already available since last night


What to do with those rewards?? And how do we earn them?

i receive notification that my account is waiting for deposit on april 17 but until now i dont receive.

where are you from :smiley:

Hello, it’s the same with me, but this time it’s that I went out to claim, I accepted it but I did not get the bat still in 0

Hello, it happens to me the same, but this time it is that I went out to claim, I accepted but I do not get the subsidies still in 0

Yow… tip it on your same youtube, facebook or twitter page…ex. go to.your youtube page, and hit the bat icon tip your self and it will automatically counted as payouts. Theres still more payouts are on dates. There are dates that you can claimed the payouts take lime 30 after you install.

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