I can't figure out SYNC feature


When I downloaded Brave, I set each of the computers to SYNC. However, both now have SYNC checked, but I am unable to find directions to SYNC them to EACH OTHER. Very confusing./


Hi @aroadrunner,

I hope I explained it well. :slight_smile: So here’s a step for you to sync your Brave browser on multiple computers.

  • On your 1st computer, turn on Sync via Preferences/Settings > Sync. It’ll take you to welcome screen. Click I’m new to Sync button and set the name for this device.

  • Now it’s time to get the sync codes that can be used to pairing up your computers. On your 1st computer click Sync a new device… button. It’ll open this dialog, and click Show secret code words. Don’t share this code to others!

  • Now, pairing your computers. On your 2nd computer, open Preferences/Settings > Sync. If you not setup the sync on your 2nd computer, it should show this welcome screen. Click I have an existing Sync code and enter all code words from your 1st computer including space.

  • This way, your computers should be synced each others.

But in your case, it seems you already set up the sync on your 2nd computer. You’ll need to click Reset Sync to remove the set up for your second computer. After reset, it should take you to the welcome screen and you can follow the steps above to set it up again.

Hope that can help.

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Thank you all for answers. I did that and I think I am sync-ed now. However, I see on the Sync box, but it has a 0 for id , and a date.

Then on the other computer, I see …


Then the payments tabs only show my BAT on one computer
This is my work computer’s payment tab…

And finally, my home computer’s payment tab …

The two are totally different. My BAT is not displaying on my home computer, and all my sites are not displaying on my work computer. I had performed the sync over 4 hours ago, and the sync-ing did not happen yet.


Currently Brave not sync Brave Payments data. https://brave.com/faq-payments#brave-personas


Ah, thank you. That explains a lot.
So, I must use my other computer’s browser for rewarding sites I visit? Might there be any way to move BAT tokens off my work computer to my home computer’s browser?


You can recover your wallet from your work computer to your home computer.

On your work computer:

  • Open Preferences/Settings > Payments.
  • Click the gear icon to open Advanced settings.
  • Then click Backup wallet button. It’ll show you list of words. You can Copy or Save recovery file. Keep it private.

Then on your home computer:

  • Open Preferences/Settings > Payments
  • Click the gear icon
  • Then click Recovery wallet button. You can paste all words including space inside the box or importing the recovery file.

This way, you’ll get your BAT on your home computers.
Hope that can help.


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