I can't desactivate Leo in my computer or my android phone

I can’t desactivate Leo in my computer or my android phone

I went in appearance, and looked to desactivate Leo. Then I turn it off.
But every resarch starts with leo… It’s so annoying.
How can I really turn it off ?

Can you show me exactly where you are seeing Leo after you disable it in Settings --> Appearance?

IA is still working with this off…
Same on my phone.

you can see Leo on the 2nd and 3rd image

That’s because the setting for AI in Search is a function of the Search site itself, not the browser.

Go to search.brave.com, click the “gear” icon to open up Search settings, then disable Answer with AI:

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It’s really annoying having to turn AI off in Search settings whenever reopening the browser. We get it, y’all are committed to shoving AI down our digital throats.

It’s not really convenient. I didn’t know I could get to this settings while i’ve been using for years. It should be available directly in brave’s settings IMO.

Thank you for your help anyway!

Again, the search engine itself is not an integrated component of the browser so it would not make sense to have it be included in a setting in the browser.

For example, you can be using Chrome (or literally any other browser) and visit search.brave.com and use our Search engine. So if you are not using our browser but want to use our Search, the settings that are specific only to the search engine must be implemented on website itself, not our browser.

Hope this helps.

I totally understand but we could have a shortcut directly in the browser’s settings. Typically, there is a search engine window in Brave browser’s settings with no informations over search engine settings. The shortcut could be here with a link like : go to Brave search settings.

It’s easier when everything is in the same place, especially because it’s brave and brave. So okay, if it’s chrome or duckduckgo (I understand you can’t put their settings).
But for brave search it will be an advantage over others search engines when you use Brave Browser to have everything accessible this way. It’s always difficult to find the right settings when you have an issue…

I hope I was clear. I think it could be more convenient for users and save you some times in brave community if everything is clearer in the software.

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