I can't connect my uphold account

Hi, I don’t know where to put this, but, I signed up this morning for brave rewards and created an account in uphold, but when I try to connect it, it doesn’t work, it sends me to the huphold account.

When I click on the connect button, it sends me directly to my huphold account, (which I already have verified). I wanted to make content from this browser, but, I don’t have any affiliate links to earn some commissions or anything.

As you can see, I am back in again and my huphold account has not been connected. Can someone help me with this?

And do not ask me about the other account, because I have also registered and have been denied my DNI for no reason.

Hi @elinformante, what’s the email linked to your publishers account?


@steeven Hey, I sent you the address :wink: hope your answer

Hello, the linked account was dnbpedregosa@gmail.com, although, not being able to link it, or anything else, I decided to create another with dlblancopedregosa@gmail.com the problem is that they neither verify it within Uphold, nor do I receive a response to the ticket I sent a Uphold.

In my opinion, and after reading several reviews on the internet of the 2, I think they should implement alternatives to these 2 companies.

In short, I have a great content to publish in Spanish and I can’t do it because they neither verify my account, nor do they give me the affiliate link, nor do I receive support from Uphold.

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