I cant connect my brave wallet to my Gemini account

I am trying to connect my brave wallet to my gemini account so i dont lose all of my bat with the new rules.

when I click connect

and go through the process, it connects to Gemini and I tell it to allow brave, but then i get this message from brave.

everything seems good on Geminis side. Brave is showing in the list of applications

looking through old topics on this subject, it seems some people had this issue because their wallets were flagged(?) and mods here were able to resolve it. If a mod here could take a look at my account, I would appreciate it.


If it’s flagged you will have to raise a ticket at

BTW there’s some API problem with Gemini. Could be why it’s doing this. PSA: Temporary Gemini API issue

thanks for the input. I don’t know if it is flagged or not, there is no reason it should be, but that was the issue I saw from old posts. Hopefully its just the api issue.

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I am experiencing the same issue.

Ok, well, most likely is about the PSA: Temporary Gemini API issue as was linked by SmartyAadi. I’ll update there when they say it’s been fixed.

just wanted to update. it was the api issue. I was able to connect after they fixed it.

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104 bat how many week taken to generate

Depends how much time you browse. For me it’ll take around 11 - 14 months since I don’t earn more than 7 to 8 bat

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