I can't completely open my bank website


I can’t completely open my bank website.
Some time ago, after I upgrade Brave, since then I can’t went through my bank website doesn’t go through completely…
So I have to go Firefox and open it.


Yes, same as my bank website ,too. It didn’t open completely after several time up dating Brave. Exactly same as here, I got to go to open by Firefox.


Have you tried with Shields Down?



  1. Please let us all know if this is happening with latest update.

  2. Please let us know if it happens with shields down.


Thank you !

Finally when I get Shields down, it works !


Feel free to play around with the different shield options to see what you can ‘get away with’ in terms of security. I find a lot of financial sites require Ads and Tracking, but I can leave Block Phishing/Malware enabled. (some security is better than none!)
Cookies on a financial site and a good thing (generally) :wink:
Let us know your finding!

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