I can't collect bat to wallet

So, when I want to collect my BAT, I click on the button and the browser just closes and nothing happens. I guess it’s supposed to transfer Bat to your wallet, but that’s not case for me. I don’t know what can j do to fix the issue. Mybe it’s due to lack of Google services on my device. If that’s the case please fix this, I have near $6 in BAT and I really want to continue with BAT project. Device details: huawei P smart 2021 (no Google play services) Android 10, EMUI 10.1.1. Browser details: shown in attached picture. Brawe is downloaded and updated through Apk Pure. Screenshot_20210404_125602_com.brave.browser|225x500

Most likely. Safety Net check is required in order to use Brave Rewards.

So is Brave faulting its users for this or are these users who Brave allowed to opt into rewards going to be reimbursed ?

Yeah, I checked and safety net is not supported on my device. Is there a way to bypass that/install safety net check? Mybe that’s dumb question but I really want to continue with BAT project.

You don’t need to have it installed, it just preforms a few checks and tells you if you pass or failed them

Mybe installing Google play services through googlefier would help? I think I’ll try that in hope of success

Keep us posted on your findings


I don’t think it’s gonna work as when you open app it says it’s only for versions less than First what I was thinking of when I that was downgrading, but that is not possible because my phone came from factory with emui 10.1 and you can downgrade micropatches. But it also says: “However there are cases where it works even on the most recent versions, because it was at one time installed on the device, on older versions(even if it’s not installed right now)”. That sentence gave me hope for success but than I remembered that supported version was never installed on the device. At this point I gave up because chances for success are too low. Now I’m waiting for googlefier to support emui versions 10.1.1.+. Hope this will happen soon. (here’s a screenshoot from the app where it says that the version is not supported:

) This thread will not be edited by me until the googlefier starts supporting emui 10.1.1.+ (in the case of closing the thread I’ll open the new one with detail description how to add Google gsm to huawei devices (if googlefier support for emui 10.1.1.+ ever happens))

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