I cant claim my Reward in Chile

I recently instaled Brave Broswer, and i dont know why i cant claim my reward. It seems like i cant gets bat currancy and i dont know if i have a wallet. Im currently living in Chile, and have the language in french (native language), i would like to know how i can receive rewards and bat currancy.
Sorry for my english, and thx.

Hi Thedade … I live in Chile also… I downloaded the Browser last week… and have received some bat … make sure you have verified your wallet with uphold.

Salut Thedade … Je vis au Chili aussi … J’ai téléchargé le navigateur la semaine dernière … et j’ai reçu de la batte … assurez-vous d’avoir vérifié votre porte-monnaie.

Just to clarify you can only get BAT on computer or laptop… not mobile

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Ok thanks,

It seems like it take one day for Brave to send you a reward, but now everything is ok.

What do you mean by " you can only gets BAT on pc " that means it doesn’t matter if i watch ads on the Broswer, because i can’t gets BAT on Android?

Anyways, happy to see fellow users there in chile :chile::fr:. And thanks for the help.

Hi @Thedeade - you are currently unable to withdraw your BAT on Android. This function will be included in an upcoming release.

I am in Chile also, Still we can not get adds on mobile ?