I can't claim my October Ad reward

I need help. I use Brave Browser on my laptop and watched many ads in October.
However, I still don’t get to claim my rewards.

I moved to different city on Nov 1st, and I am not sure if this has to do with it.
I want to collect my rewards. Any suggestions?


Do you have your wallet verified and linked with your verified Uphold account?

I’m also having this issue, and yes my wallet is verified with Uphold,

Yes, I do~! What else can I do from here?

Now go to your Rewards Settings --> Add Funds/Withdraw Funds and you should be taken to Uphold where your Brave browser card is displayed. You funds will be deposited here automatically.

I think you misunderstood me. I have been using the browser more than 5 month. I can’t even claim my earning for last month.
There’s no bat deposited on my uphold account either.

Can confirm this is what happened to me, thanks.

I know the feeling… I received only 2 ads since the beginning of the month and 1 when I registered for this community. :confused: