I cant claim my brave ads rewards



Yes indeed it also happen to me.? But unfortunately there are some accounts are definitely fixed like they didn’t even know what is going on right now. Including my country

Will someone help us here? Is this the costumer support?

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Someone fix my problem pls need help

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Bro this is just community… And yes some issues might have been fix here.

@DgamerZ1989 this is official support forum for Brave. :slight_smile:

@Pedro143 see May 5th Ads Reward Claim Errors

I habe the same problem.

It said may 6 it must be received our balance as bat token.? But I haven’t on my balance wallet

Either on my pending reward just indicated 0 nothing more.

@DgamerZ1989 see my reply here Brave Rewards and Brave Creators

Yes I understand now that BAT token is just a partnership only with brave users it simply to figure it out like there are two communities involved …
It good to them they just accepted to wait around 8th months long to wait before it does transfers in our account…
But why is a bit difference which is living in our same country they did celebrate for their own BAT just arrive in LESS THAN 1 DAY…
we did fair submit the requirements KYC at the same time got verification instantly even the maximum 5 hours per ads in 1 Day…
the difference we HAVEN’T received FAIR ADS and also those our earnings as well…

I dont even think I can fully wait around 8 months sir specifically or rather just vanished that earnings into thin air… For a reason some having individual accounts with different SCENARIOS.

Still have to wait within 8 months our fellow colleague we does the same thing daily… Device smartphone without computer… Not at all.

Rules change it could have also impact for the next months… Sorry sir Pardon… my grammar is too long to read…

I don’t understand brave what should I do with this brave ads error

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Versione 1.16.1 fixed this but i lost all rewards!

1.16.1 and 1.16.2 should resolve these issues.

For those of you who have installed 1.16.1 only to find your balance being reduced, rest assured your tokens are still present. 1.16.1 was found to contain a minor bug which caused incorrect balances to be rendered, but your tokens are still in tact. 1.16.2 should resolve this issue as well.

Thank you all for your incredible patience.