I can't approve a pre-approved wallet

Hello there;
I can’t approve my uphold wallet. I’ve confirmed before. It gives an error like this. “Device Limit Reached | Your wallet cannot be verified because you have reached the maximum verified device limit.” I have now verified my 2pc 1 phone device. I would be glad if you help. Thank you so much in advance

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Welcome to the club. Now my friend you will not be able at all to get your uphold connected until Brave fixes it!

Is there no other way but to wait? if there is only one pc left, i log out from other devices. or if i delete it. Because I could not transfer the pending bats to the uphold wallet.

There isnt. It is a major oversight by Brave. You reinstall windows, boom, new device. 4 lifetime devices can only be verified right now.

Can you please send me a DM with the wallet ID you’re attempting to link to your Uphold account?

Having the same problem here since upgrading to Win11 - is there a solution?

I sent it as a private message. You can check. @Mattches