I can't access my money


I have 441.21 BAT, but I cant seem to transfer it to my uphold wallet. When I click on “Check Balance” it goes to my uphold account, but the balance is zero.

What am I missing? Also, is there a way to convert and transfer the 441.21 BAT into my Paypal account?


Looping in @Asad for assistance with this, thanks!



Hi @Tiago,

Your BAT will automatically deposit in your Uphold wallet around the end of the month.

I believe that Uphold will require you to verify a bank account, not a PayPal account, but I’d suggest reaching out to them for more specific information: https://support.uphold.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Asad @ Brave


the end of moth passed and not yet received my BAT in uphold


It’s been well over a month and my balance is still zero.


Brave Payments is undergoing some maintenance currently (unexpected maintenance!) so the payouts for last month are going to take a bit longer. Please bear with us – we appreciate your patience.

Asad @ Brave


Any updates? New screenshots taken today…


Still nothing. My 440.31 BAT doesnt show up in my uphold wallet. I have reached out to them and they said no transfers have been made. It´s been two months…


As @Asad has helpfully mentioned, payout settlements are scheduled for early June due to certain infrastructure maintenance, so please hold tight!

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