I can't access my Brave Publishers progress. It says "Forbidden"

Hi guys. I tried to access Brave publishers. But It says “forbidden”.

I have no idea what’s happened. I tried to log in and sign up but it just says “Something went wrong”. I need to know what’s happening.

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Update. I can’t even access “Content Creators” It says “Forbidden”.

The same for me, I use android and it also says forbidden.

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+1 … I am getting exactly the same thing …

Update on this issue, I can already access it… thanks…

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Yes I getting the same error message as well.

Same still facing this issue for past 2 days now, seems like there is always a problem going on with brave

I have the same issue for the last few days when I try to access the brave publisher are I only see “forbidden”. Hope it will not affect the referral earnings!

Still no luck, here.

mine has now gone past that stage just now won’t let me log in from my email address

Ive got the exact same issue as you, it even let me set up a new account with the email address that i originally had signed up with!

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