I can't access direct messages

I’m trying to contact someone about another problem, but I can’t find the Direct Message tab, even where they showed me it’s supposed to be at.

@gigabread users can’t initiate DM anymore. It’s been like that a long time.

That said, moderators and Brave staff have it in the menu, such as in screenshot below:

Whereas “normal” users will see something like below:


That said, if one of us DM you, then you should see it in your notifications, such as below:


The mail icon would then take you to it. Otherwise, it’s kind of roundabout ways to access the inbox. The link would be something like https://community.brave.com/u/username/messages where you replace username with your username.

So https://community.brave.com/u/gigabread/messages should work for you.

And just a FYI, if anyone else tried going to link with your username input, they’d see the below:


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