I cannot withdraw any BAT to my uphold account

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Hello, for a few months now I noticed that I can’y withdraw any BAT from my Browser to my Uphold account. My account is verified and I can access it through brave, but when I open the uphold page I dont see my BAT from my Browser. My last transaction from brave browser to Uphold account was succesfully done on August 2020.

Update: I forgot to say that i use Manjaro Linux and my browser is up to date.

Iv had this exact same problem and iv even messaged that Steve with full details and I have not even had a respons abit disappointing really

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@Fatboi @Kholis please see DM’s. Thanks.

Hello @steeven , I did not receive any DM.

i have the same problem,
instead of automatic to uphold acount i got a button te receive the bat and now its in my bowser instead of in uphold

I’m having the same problem almost. I seem to get a pathetic payment of around 0.5 to 1 bat but I don’t know where that comes from as the 3 devices I use don’t send anything to uphold. They just stay on the browser completely inaccessible and thus useless. It’s disappointing this issue has been happening for months and it seems to be very common.
I’m on Arch Linux, I think perhaps the small payment may well be from my Windows partition which I hardly use and I’ve now disconnected from uphold.
I have 2 Linux devices and 1 Android, totalling around 50+ Bat now which I can do nothing with! I’m definitely verified as I used to receive the payments several months ago. I don’t see why we can’t send Bat straight from our browser’s to an Uphold (or even better; a decent online wallet / coinbase or anyone but Uphold) account. If I continue to not receive the payments I’m ditching it next month, it sucks that such a major issue doesn’t appear to be given any attention.

I have dmed you about this same issue and it still is not resolved.

A fix for this was just deployed! Thank you all for your patience!