I cannot withdraw all my brave rewards to my uphold wallet

I have 57 BAT on my brave wallet but only 27 got on Uphold when I clicked withdraw funds.
brave uphold

can you add a screenshot? Where are you, on mobile or desktop? Are you using the rewards wallet or the embed crypto wallet? please elaborate a little more

I’m on desktop and I use Uphold wich is the reward wallet.

When did you verify your wallet?

About a week ago I think.

Payments have only just started to process. If you still do not see your full balance in your Uphold account after payout is fully processed, we can dig further into the issue.

But I got my monthly payment today and it got transferred into my uphold wallet instantly.

Hello @Azreeno

wait till this post October Brave Ads Payout Status say it completed

hope that help and have a nice day

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