I cannot verify my wallet on Uphold even though I have more than 15 BAT

Whenever I try to verify my wallet on Uphold I get this message. I have 16.25 BAT so more than the required 15. Why am I still getting this message and not able to verify my wallet?

Follow this method:

-Install the Uphold app on your Mobile device and there login into your account.
-There, you provide them with all the necessary documents and get verified. It will take 4-5 mins or less.
-Then try logging in into the PC using that account and it shall work.

PS- You actually don’t need 15 BATs to get verified anymore.

Thanks. I did that. Do you know how long verification on Uphold will take? I just got an email saying my account is in review and some temporary restrictions have been placed on it.

It usually takes less than an hour if all the documents provided by you are perfect.

Rarely it may take a whole day too though

Ok, thanks. I did this basically as soon as you sent your reply last night (about 10 hours ago) and still have not been able to get verified. Hope it happens soon.

All the details you provided were perfect right?

It usually takes 1 hour but none the less lets wait. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m waiting. Just kind of a pain because I need to reformat my computer and this is the only thing holding me up. Wish I had done it sooner.

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Tried this on a friend’s phone with less than 15 BAT, it didn’t allow linking.

You must download the app first and get yourself verified.

After you are verified, then try connecting. I myself just had 1.5 BATs when I had connected my android device.

Application is already installed, account is logged in and verified.

Can you make a Screen recording of what is happening when you are trying to connect?



Same as me but I had verified wallet and sudennly I can not verify it. There is a glitch or something

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