I cannot update my Browser

I cannot update my browser, literally when I click on “update”, it says that I have to reset my browser to complete the update. But when I do it I still have the same version.

What if you downloaded the Installer direct from Brave? Reinstallation will work the same as an upgrade.

Yeah but My bats in the browser (not my wallet) gonna disappear. or not?

not if you install over your current installation… that means don’t uninstall brave and just run the installer… your bat and settings will not be affected…

I did it but it keeps the same version before the installation

Can you screenshot your About brave page?

Hey @Kawi ! If you are using the latest Nightly build there is a bug that prompts users to update even though they are already updated. This will be fixed in the next release of Nightly :smiley:


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