I cannot see ads and not rewarded in 3 months

I use Brave since 6 monhts and i never had a single problem since the new update
Then i cannot see any ads and my Bats are gone
This appears on every registry : [16 ago 2021 2:23:49,6 a. m.:INFO:wallet_claim.cc(57)] Second ping with zero balance
[16 ago 2021 2:23:49,6 a. m.:INFO:database_unblinded_token.cc(114)] Trigger id is empty
[16 ago 2021 2:23:49,6 a. m.:ERROR:credentials_promotion.cc(503)] Token list empty
[16 ago 2021 2:23:49,6 a. m.:ERROR:wallet.cc(200)] Claiming tokens failed

I went to flags and rewards to change some settings but nothing changed at all, Thx i hope u can help me , i love Brave and i dont know why i lost all my BATS and i cannot be rewarded
My uphold acc is connected and verified in my PC / mobile.

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