I cannot load many sites!

As the title says. I cannot load many…, many…, many…, sites!
Example. ‘Allstate.com

I have Shields off and Addblocker off.
I can NOT pay most bills with this browser! I like the browser but this is getting to me.
Is there anything I can do?

Have you tried with Shields on? Sometimes it’s kind of required to be on in order for sites to work.

I tried it and have no issues.

Can you create a new browser profile and see if it has the same issue? If you test this, make sure you don’t add any extensions or change any settings. Just create the profile and go to the sites you’re having issues to see if you can get logged in. If it works, then it will tell us it’s likely cookies, extensions, or settings in your original profile and would have to go through things to determine which is the issue.

Yes I have tried with Shields and add blocker on and off. I can’t figure this out! Also as I said, it’s not only Allstate but MANY sites.
It’s driving me nut’s! Thanks for the reply. :crazy_face:

@Whackjob Well, it would be nice if you can test on new browser profile as I suggest in my last reply. That will greatly help.

Other thing I didn’t ask, but are you using anything like a proxy or vpn?

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