I can "type" everywhere

i have a problem, where i “can” type everywhere. By saying that i mean the thingy what shows when you type, shows eveytime i click next to a text, photo, or button. for example i can click next to a photo and it just pops and blinks every half a second. Its pretty annoying, you know any solution for this problem? I tried on chrome and everything works as it should.

Zrzut ekranu 2022-06-07 163830
as you see, its next to my profile picture


@kopok May be due to “Use hardware acceleration when available” being enabled @ brave://settings/system

sadly, it didnt work. With hardware acceleration when avaiable turned off, it still blinks

Seems like you’ve enabled carat browsing. You can disable this by pressing F7 while the browser is open.


ayo thanks, love u mate <3

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