I can play some youtube videos, some cant. What to do with this problem

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  1. I cant play some youtube videos
    2.only few videos I can play
    3.I hv cleared cookie and cache too but its still same problem

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You obviously didn’t read that information carefully enough to understand it.

1. The initial info-text is there for YOU

And it should be removed before posting.

It clearly didn’t make your question easier to read, or fix any of your errors. All of which proves my point.

2. You did clearly NOT follow the instructions

Especually about including as much info as possible.

This was your biggest mistake.

Because your question is way to broad for anyone to successfully guess what your problem is.

Which is annoying enough for most people who could help to just ignore it.

Take some time to edit this, and to include all needed, relevant, and useful Info

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