I can not use Dell's and Intel's online driver/software update tool to check for updates but I can on Firefox!

  1. Description of the issue: basically dell’s and intel’s websites can’t detect the installed update assistant tool that is used to scan the installed drivers and software to check if there is any available update while on Firefox I can check for updates

  2. How can this issue be reproduced: a clean installation of brave + dell and intel tools installed on Windows + checking for updates automatically using their websites = checking fails due to the site being unable to know that the necessary updating tools are installed

Expected result: successful check for updates

Brave Version (check About Brave): v1.44.112

Additional Information: the screenshots shows exactly what happens on both Firefox and brave when I try checking for updates

it seems Brave shields block some functionalities of the site thus giving you errors.
I could be wrong though.

It will also be helpful if we could try the same link on our end to observe it and look for solutions.

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