I can not earn bat watching advertising, neither on my cell phone, nor on the computer

Hello community What can I do to solve this problem? At least the advertisements continue to appear on my cell phone, same problem with my desktop computer, but they do not add to my wallet, no matter how many times I click on the advertisement, it does not add to the balance in bat. what can i do to solve this issue?

Notifications or what are you referring to? I want to make sure we’re not mixing up anything.

You get nothing for clicking on ads. So never worth clicking unless you see something you’re interested in.

It wouldn’t show in Balance, it would show in Estimated Earnings and you should see a counter for how many ads you’ve seen in the month.

Answer all the questions below:

  • What devices are you using? (You said cell, but is it Android or iPhone?. Also on Desktop, which OS?)

  • What version of Brave are you using?

  • What country do you live in?

  • Are you using VPN or Proxy servers?

  • When you mention ads, where are you seeing them?

  • Can you show screenshots of your brave://rewards? It should look something like below (I’m looking for Ads received this month and your Current earnings this month (estimated):

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android 11 on a motorola s20 and in desktop computer windows 11.

Braves Information v1.40.109.

i’m from Chile.

i not have any proxy or Vpn installed on my computer desktop.

I see in a page of brave browser home or like a pop-up.

I’ve had this problem for a few days now and I stopped receiving the rewards for watching the ads, thanks by the way and i wait for some answer.

It seems you are receiving ads.
Check this part of your screen. It seems you got already ingressos during these 2 first days of the month


But to be sure, do as @Saoiray said.
Open brave://rewards/
Click “View Details” if you are in Android

Check how many ads have been counted

that was to early of june(the bats token i won) and the capture was yesterday(about 15 days with no rewards and continues)…

this moth i no receive the payment yet, but in uphold isn’t any problem… why this moth the paymment dissapear?

I have the same problem, suddenly it started not giving an ad award, I didn’t do any abuse

is about the region, for that motive we can’t receive the payment, about that probably i uninstall the browser in a near future… he no diserve mi attention :smiley: , but thanks for just a little parts of Bats you give to me(Brave)… :D!

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