I can no longer recommend Brave to customers

My company has been providing services to our national customer base via our web application for more than 15 years.

For the past three years, we’ve been recommending Brave to our users, but we have to change our recommendation because of the issues caused by Brave’s permanent, always-on caching.

Here’s the critical problem: if a customer reports an issue with the application, we can fix it quickly, but the customer will NEVER see the correct as Brave doesn’t update its cache and redisplays the uncorrected version.

With other browsers, the user can be directed to a setting that turns off caching, and everything is good. In Brave you can either clear EVERYTHING for ALL SITES, or hope to guide the user into the developer tools, which is crazy.

It’s not 1995, and we’re not using 1200-baud dialup any more! Caching is pretty archaic for most of what a browser accesses, and with a little effort could be restricted to .mp4 and other bandwidth-intensive files…

Maybe someone will do something about this, and we can go back to recommending Brave.

And I can no longer recommend Firefox as an alternative. Fact is, we have no dependable browser and I will guess that is by design. We’re on the cusp of losing the whole damn internet so it doesn’t really matter. Happy Cyber Polygon Day, everyone.

@Virage unfortunately it seems you and/or your company has some misunderstandings on how Brave works. I’m not quite sure how you’ve come to some of your conclusions, but I’d be happy to try to answer some of your concerns if you care to elaborate a bit more on what issues you’re having.

I’ll start off on clarifying one thing:

This here already isn’t true. You have Site Settings and you can always clear cache or cookies for any one particular site. For example:


You also have the “simpler” method of just clicking on the URL bar, the image icon which would then present you with information, such as Cookies and site data. You would just click and clear it from there.


Aside from that, there are actually some shortcuts that exist with Brave. One is already there by default and the other would require someone to create a shortcut by going to brave://settings/system/shortcuts. You can see there are two options below:

The one bypasses cache, the other reloads the site while clearing cache.


Also, Brave does not cache obscene amounts of data.

I’d like to hear more on the application and this claim. Generally this should never be an issue.

** NOTE**
Part of your issue may be that your programmers, developers, and/or support agents may need to learn a little more. The owner of the website has control over the cache policy. For you to be experiencing so many issues across all browsers as you have explained, it seems your company is doing a poor job of properly building its content.

You should not have to require anyone to disable cache on their device. Instead, you would have it properly encoded in your HTTP header so it might have things like Max-age, Must-revalidate, or whichever directive would be most appropriate.

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Thank you for your timely and detailed response.

For context, we run our own servers connected to the internet backbone and serve close to 10K users.

I stand corrected on the requirement that clearing all sites is the sole option, and see how we can direct a user to clear only cached data for our our own site. For direct support on a corrected site issue this will certainly be helpful. (We train our support personnel NOT to counsel “clear all cookies” and “clear all cached files” – horrendous advice for users.)

Clearing the cache for our site only is a good, partial solution, directly addressing situations where we’re in contact with an individual user reporting a problem.

I think you’ve already suggested a solution for the broader user population – using cache-control meta tags. I was unaware of the the tags you suggested (they don’t seem to be documented in W3C just yet), but I believe they will directly address the issue by controlling the time the system will retain pages.

We’ve installed the updates and are testing.

Thank you for the temperate (gracious) and very helpful response!