I can keep my BAT for how much time?

I am new to brave and I want to know that I can keep my BAT for how long (how long will my BAT be withdrawable/redeemable) as I don’t plan to withdraw my BAT this year or sooner.

You can keep your BATs under your browser for as long as you want but in case of accidental app data clear may lead you to lose all your BATs thus I would recommend to connect uphold account so every month the received bats in previous month will be transferred to your uphold account.

Inside uphold account you can keep your BATs as long as you want and can withdraw anytime.


I think i am not of the legal age to make an uphold account…
Also, is there any way to sync or keep my BAT safe??

Another solution is to tip all those BATs into Brave Publishers/Creators account (Every tip has %5 of charge).

Inside Brave Publishers/Creators account all your BATs will be safe and can be kept as long as you want without connecting uphold account.

Although if you want to withdraw them then you’ll compulsory have to connect uphold account in which those BATs will be transferred every month on 8th.

Brave Publishers/Creators related FAQs > https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/sections/360002481852-Creators.


OK Thanks You.
I will try that

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