I bring you this youtuber kid cheating! to the pending of this boy

well I have a youtuber doing bat changes on Facebook and it is assumed that the bat is to donate?

-I believe that the bat is donated and not exchanged! and is practicing this idea with your 7500 subscribers.

@asad @steeven @Mattches @eljuno please look into the claims, I have #deletedFacebook so I can’t verify the claims.

What this youtuber is doing is illegal, making bat exchanges, the bat is only for donating! very serious this more than 7000 people can do the same and this can not happen @Asad @steeven @eljuno

I hope to be rewarded by this notice! Because it can damage the project that is going well. There it is clear that they are doing BAT exchanges, they are passing the links of the channel through Facebook. @Asad @eljuno @sampson